Advertising Techniques Study Guide #2 Fill-In Quiz

Directions: In each box below, type in the word that matches the definition beside it. When you have filled in all of the answers, click the button at the bottom to print the quiz.


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1) : Using statistics, research, or other data to make the product appear to be better than its competitors.

2) : The advertiser appeals to people's fears, joys, sense of nostalgia, etc.

3) : A product's name or catchphrase is repeated over and over, with the goal of having it stick in the viewer or listener's mind.

4) : The advertiser makes you feel like you need the product right away.

5) : Attempts to make the audience assoicate positive words, images, and ideas with a product and its users.

6) : Comparing one product to another and saying it is weaker or inferior in quality or taste.

7) : The advertiser offers a discount, coupon, free gift, or other enticement to get people to buy a product.

8) : The opposite of the bandwagon technique, snob appeal makes the case that using the product means the consumer is better/smarter/richer than everyone else.

9) : The advertiser says or implies that people just like you use a product.

10) : The advertiser tries to make you feel like everyone else has the product and if you don't have it too, you'll be left out.

11) : Words with strong assoication such as "home," "family," "dishonest," and "wasteful."

12) : Using words that are positive and appealing, but too vague to have any real meaning, like "pure and natural."

13) : A product is endorsed by a celebrity or by an expert.

14) : The advertiser appeals to the audience's vanity by implying that smart/popular'rich people buy the product.