Propaganda REVIEW A Fill-In Quiz

Directions: In each box below, type in the word that matches the definition beside it. When you have filled in all of the answers, click the button at the bottom to print the quiz.


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1) : Extreme Makeover have many volunteers for the house building in Brevard County.

2) : A tattoo artist tells a teen only the positive things about having a tattoo.

3) : My reading teacher said with tears in her eyes that we must buckle down this nine weeks or we will do poorly on FCAT Reading.

4) : Giving your teen this special drink will make them more alert in school.

5) : Everyone should make the most of their education or better be strong enough to carry a file cabinet around with them.

6) : Martha Stewart tells how great a particular Wii game is.

7) : My students are the greatest of all students in our school.

8) : Don't be 'dumb', save the FUN for AFTER FCAT.

9) : An ad for piercing included a cartoon of a teenager with an exaggerated large, bulging lip.